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Talking about your own death, or the death of a loved one can be uncomfortable.

However, discussing certain things makes the end-of-life easier in many respects.

Posted by Lori

Here are 4 conversations I wish every family would have:

People to Call

Prepare a list of people that need to be contacted in case of an accident or emergency.  Include close friends and family and your doctor’s contact information, homeowner’s insurance agent, attorney and/or accountant; if applicable. 

If all of your information is on a cell phone that is lost or locked, your friends and family may be difficult to reach!

End of Life Wishes

The location of your will, burial or cremation plans, what type of service would you prefer.... discussing these things openly spares your loved ones from difficult decisions later.

Who Will Handle What

Logistics are important! Who will be the executor of your will and why? Sharing this information lets your family know who is “in charge” of the will and who they can ask regarding the disposition of the estate.  And remember, the executor is “executing” your wishes based on your will, they aren’t making it up as they go along.  Making things clear ahead of time may avoid confusion after your death.

Disposition of Sentimental Items

Sentimental items can be the most difficult assets to handle.  Monetary assets can easily be assessed and divided; however, sentimentality has no price!  Help your loved ones by discussing what is special to them and what they would appreciate and then have a plan for sharing your sentimental items with them after your death.  Don’t let beloved items become a source of strife or conflict.

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