The process of grieving is a long and difficult one. Grief is unique; it looks different for different people. Please consider speaking with a professional experienced in grief counseling if you are struggling.  You can call our office for recommendations of local providers.

Some signs you may need some additional support:
  1. Do you feel like you are always irritable, annoyed, intolerant or angry these days?
  2. Do you experience an ongoing sense of numbness or of being isolated from your own self or from others? Do you frequently feel that you have no one to talk to about what’s happened?
  3. Since your loved one died, are you highly anxious most of the time about your own death or the death of someone you love? Is it beginning to interfere with your relationships, your ability to concentrate or live as you would like to live?
  4. Do you feel that you are continually preoccupied with your loved one, his or her death or certain aspects of it even though it’s been several months since his or her death?
  5. Are you afraid of becoming close to new people for fear of losing again?
  6. Do you find yourself acting in ways that might prove harmful to you over time: drinking more than you used to; using more prescription or non-prescription drugs; engaging in sexual activity that is unsafe or unwise; driving in an unsafe or reckless; or entertaining  thoughts about suicide?
  7. Is there some aspect of what you’re experiencing that makes you wonder about whether you’re normal or going crazy? Do you feel stuck in your grief in some way, unable to move on, even though it’s been quite some time since your loved one’s death?